CCLaP and Ben Tanzer celebrate 2017 National Hide A Book Day in the Chicago Loop!

I’ve been on book-nerd social network since they started, which means that I’m celebrating my tenth anniversary with them right now even as the site celebrates ten years of being open; and among the celebratory events they’ve been planning this year, they recently partnered with British organization The Book Fairies to create essentially a new informal national holiday, “National Hide A Book Day” each September 18th.

CCLaP thought it’d be fun to participate in this year’s observance; so armed with a backpack full of copies of local author Ben Tanzer‘s 2015 story collection with us, The New York Stories, yours truly ran around this morning from the northern extreme edge of the Loop to the southern extreme edge, zigzagging back and forth and putting in a total of four miles on my feet, hiding* copies of the book at various downtown Chicago landmarks. [*I didn’t hide them very well.]

You can see all the drop-off points in the gallery, also listed by location below. To see all the various books hidden around the US today, search social media for the hashtags #ibelieveinbookfairies, #hideabookday and #goodreadsturns10. I hope these copies made it into the hands of ten enthusiastic readers (and of course, if you are one, make sure to tag your own social media about it with @cclapcenter and @bentanzer), and I’m looking forward to an even bigger and more extensive Hide A Book Day in 2018!

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Michigan Avenue Bridge
The Bean
The Chicago Theater
State of Illinois Building
Picasso Sculpture in Daley Plaza
City Hall
Chagall “Four Seasons” mosaic
Calder Sculpture at Mies Van Der Roe’s Federalist Plaza
Harold Washington Public Library
Little Free Library, Buena and Marine in the Uptown neighborhood (where I live)

Jason Pettus is the owner of CCLaP, and a former novelist, slam poet and travel writer. During the day he is a front-end software developer within the Chicago tech startup community. Goodreads | LibraryThing | Twitter | Instagram | Letterboxd