Download CCLaP’s first new book in two years, Chris Schahfer’s Stalking the Behemoth!

Big news brewing here at CCLaP headquarters — I’ve just officially started work on creating our new, completely redesigned online store, and by this time next month you’ll once again have access to the 40 full-length books, 100 literary journals, and hundreds of rare books that the center has put together over the last ten years. In the meanwhile, though, I’m happy to announce today that we’ve finally published our first new original book in two years, and that for a limited time it’s completely free to download!

Stalking the Behemoth, by Chris Schahfer

Namely, it’s an essay series called Stalking the Behemoth, by our regular blog book reviewer Chris Schahfer, who’s been taking some time off recently in order to attend grad school, but will be back filing reviews once again starting this fall. As regular readers remember, Chris published a themed series of essays over the course of 2015 and ’16, in which he read a whole series of novels for the first time that were each over 600 pages long; and while these technically stretched all the way back to such classics as Don Quixote and Moby-Dick, the majority of the books he read were actually Postmodernist titles from the 20th century, since that’s Chris’s personal biggest interest in literature.

As is the case with all the themed essay series that CCLaP’s reviewers do here, we’ve finally gotten around to collecting them up and publishing them in book form; that includes not just the essays he originally published here at the website (including Don Quixote, Moby-Dick, The Brothers Karamazov, Ulysses, The Recognitions, The Sot-Weed Factor, Gravity’s Rainbow, Dhalgren, Women and Men, Infinite Jest, and 2666), but three brand-new essays written exclusively for the book version, covering William H. Gass’s The Tunnel, Don DeLillo’s Underworld, and Mark Z. Danielewski’s cultishly loved House of Leaves.

Since our online store is under construction right now and we’re unable to accept payments, I thought we’d do something special and give away Chris’s book for free for the next month, which you can download here at this particular blog post and nowhere else. (Heads-up, long-time visitors who are accustomed to our old policy of all our ebooks always being free; that policy will be changing with the new version of the store, although with a special new opportunity to not only access them all again but to also get free tickets to all our live events, and a discount on all our physical merchandise. But more about this in another few weeks!) To download Stalking the Behemoth, use one of the following links…

PDF (8.5 x 5.5 inches, presented as two-page spreads)
EPUB (for iPhones, iPads, Chrome, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, Kobos and Nooks)
AZW (exclusively for Amazon Kindles and Fires)

We’re working out a new system for hosting files, since our new WordPress installation doesn’t have enough memory to store them here directly at the website; so for now these are being hosted at CCLaP’s Google Drive, which means you first click through to the file and then download it once you’re there. (If anyone wants to give me some advice on better options, I’d love to hear it; you can reach me at, and I’ll give out some free CCLaP swag for any advice that turns out to be helpful.)

Want a paperback copy? Well, then, go buy one at Amazon for $19.99! This is the only way Chris gets paid for these two years of hard work, putting these essays together in the first place, so I strongly encourage you to pick up the paper copy if you have the time and inclination.

Remember, this offer above for the free ebooks only lasts until October 2nd, at which point our new store will be open and we’ll be charging $9.99 for it; so if you’d like to read a copy, don’t delay. Much more about our revamped store, our reactivated publishing program, and our concurrent reactivated live events and podcast, in the coming weeks; but for now, I hope you enjoy Chris’s smart, always entertaining look at some real whoppers of novels.

Jason Pettus is the owner of CCLaP, and a former novelist, slam poet and travel writer. During the day he is a front-end software developer within the Chicago tech startup community. Goodreads | LibraryThing | Twitter | Instagram | Letterboxd