Book Review: Ganja Yoga, by Dee Dussault
Ganja Yoga, by Dee Dussault
Ganja Yoga: A Practical Guide to Conscious Relaxation, Soothing Pain Relief, and Enlightened Self-Discovery
By Dee Dussault
HarperOne / HarperCollins
Reviewed by Jason Pettus

For the last two years I’ve been practicing yoga and meditation on a regular basis, first because I was required to as part of attending the computer-coding alternative school DevBootcamp, then afterwards because I found both practices to be positive and constructive ones in my life. And I’ve also been known to partake in marijuana on a regular basis, something I no longer worry about publicly admitting now that almost 20 percent of the US has legalized it; so when I recently stumbled across Dee Dussault’s new book Ganja Yoga, I suspected this would be a book for me, which is indeed what it turned out being.

There’s nothing too groundbreaking going on here — she’s not arguing that there’s a special kind of yoga that you can only do while smoking weed, simply that yoga can often be more spiritually deep and physically rewarding when you do — but the book is worth recommending anyway, because it’s several well-written primers all wrapped up into one; a basic beginner’s look at yoga itself, a basic beginner’s guide to pot and the various ways it can be consumed, and a basic beginner’s guide to Eastern philosophical thought.

No one who’s already educated about any of these subjects will find anything particularly new or noteworthy here in Dussault’s engaging, fact-filled book; but it’s the fact that she talks about all of them at once that makes it worthwhile, a short and entertaining volume that will motivate you to try a little high yoga at least once if you never have. I’ve certainly now tried it, based solely on reading this book, and can attest that everything she talks about here has a demonstrable validity out in the real world; and while this book is the very definition of “skippable” for those not naturally interested in these subjects, it’s absolutely worth your time if you are. It comes specifically recommended in that particular spirit.

Out of 10: 8.4, or 9.4 for those interested in yoga or smoking pot

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