“Historia, Historia” now available for pre-order!

Historia, Historia by Eleanor Stanford
Wow, only two weeks until the release of CCLaP’s first book of the year, the travelogue and personal essay collection Historia, Historia by Philadelphia author Eleanor Stanford! And in fact, today is when our PR campaign for the book officially kicks off, now that we have marketing director Lori Hettler who can be working on it at the same time I’m making the first batch of paper copies, which is frankly a relief and is going to result in some much bigger and more talked-about releases this year than what we’re normally used to. As part of this, I’ve decided to once again offer a chance to pre-order the paper edition, starting today at the book’s main headquarters [cclapcenter.com/historia], since people have seemed to appreciate it the last two times we’ve tried this, and because it’s becoming more and more important to get your order in early if you want to be included in the very first batch of mailings that go out. (One of the many growing pains we’ve been experiencing lately is that it’s taking me longer to get our handmade paper books out; that’s why I’ve been doing things lately like bringing on other editors and a marketing director, so that I’ll have more time to do things like bind books and compile our new monthly magazine.) Oh, and we’ve got the official “dust jacket copy” for the book now as well!
Twenty-two and newly married, Eleanor Stanford and her husband join the Peace Corps and find themselves on the West African islands of Cape Verde. In this beautifully alien place, as she teaches her students and struggles to come to terms with the island’s fascinating yet frustrating culture, Eleanor watches everything she knows about relationships get flipped upside-down and attempts to hide the eating disorder she’s developed, which threatens both her marriage and her life. Part travelogue, part cultural documentary, Historia, Historia combines journalistic excellence with the gripping style of personal memoirs to bring you this lyrical, moving portrait of an enchanting, little-glimpsed geography. Fans of factually informative and emotionally moving nonfiction will be drawn towards this haunting meditation on love, fidelity and self-image.
You’d buy that, right?! Although of course there’s no need to; just like all our other books, the electronic version of Historia, Historia will be released for free, and in fact starting this year we’re no longer even going to make people go through the trouble of clicking through a “pay what you want” system, but will merely have a download page you can either click directly to or indirectly through a Paypal donation button. (Before we had paper editions of our books, around 30 percent of downloaders voluntarily gave a donation towards the ebook; but now those people tend to just buy a paper copy, so total voluntary donations are down to less than 5 percent of all downloaders. It doesn’t really make sense to make 95 percent of those people jump through hoops anymore, which is why we’re going to start offering “one-click” access to the free ebook, in its usual PDF, EPUB and Kindle formats.) For all of those who want a more old-fashioned experience, though, or who love collecting good-looking handmade “art” books (especially at a very reasonable cost), I encourage you to pre-order a paper copy using the multi-option button below, or to stop by the book’s online headquarters another time soon.

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