Photo of the day: “aberration,” by Hilary Sol Allen

aberration, by Hilary Sol Allen
Today’s photo of the day is entitled “aberration,” and is by Hilary Sol Allen. Sol is based out of Phoenix, although I’m not sure if this particular shot was taken there or not*; if you’re curious as to how she achieved such a unique look, this was taken with expired Polaroid film in an antique “double lens reflex” camera (you know, the kind with bellows). Sol has a great professional site as well, for those who would like to see more.
Don’t forget that I actually maintain a whole page of favorite photographs over at Flickr, for those who would like to see more. To express an interest in having your own work featured, just drop me a line at cclapcenter [at]
*UPDATE: Sol wrote recently to pass along the following: “Where you mentioned a ‘double lens reflex’…I have never heard that term (twin lens reflex, sure), but it is actually a rangefinder. The Crown Graphic’s shutter is in the lens. The older Speed Graphics have focal plane shutters and are a bit different, much heavier. But you were definitely right on the bellows! Love the Crown Graphic, great camera. Also, if you are curious where the photo was taken, it was taken in Sunflower, AZ.” Thanks for the information, Sol!

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