CCLaP Podcast 01: Literago launch party

Well, what do you know — the CCLaP Podcast is finally here! For those who don’t know, I’m going to be producing an episode of the podcast hopefully each week, which will hopefully be getting posted to the website every Monday; it will be a mix of low-fi video reports from various Chicago artistic events (like today’s), and high-quality audio interviews with various artists who either live in or are passing through Chicago (just as soon as my new digital audio recorder arrives, that is, which I’m expecting any day now). You can expect all future video reports to be from two to five minutes in length; audio interviews will be from 15 to 30 minutes.
Anyway, today’s episode is a total length of 1:45, and is a video report from the launch party this weekend for new Chicago literary website The party was a lot of fun, to tell you the truth; so fun and packed, in fact, that neither of Literago’s co-founders (Gretchen Kalwinski and Eugenia Williamson) ended up with the spare time to be interviewed, leaving me with a bunch of cellphone-camera footage of drunk people dancing and not a lot else. The pathetic results can be viewed above right now, for anyone with Flash installed on their computer or mobile device; or you can download the MP4 file through the link below.
Remember, this podcast is being released under a Creative Commons license; it means that I’m giving you permission to make unlimited copies of this video, to post it at your own website if desired, and also to convert it into whatever format works best for you, as long as you neither change the contents nor charge money. (In fact, if you do end up converting the file into another format, make sure to email me a copy at cclapcenter [at]; I’ll post it here as well, and give you a thank-you at the bottom of this entry.) Music: “Mannequin” by Cats & Jammers; used under the terms of their Creative Commons license. iTunes channel coming tomorrow, I promise. And yes, for all you smarties who have already figured it out; this was inspired by that Miranda July website that’s been making everyone go so crazy recently. I’m such a hack!
CCLaP Podcast 01 (MP4 format; 9.9 megs)

CCLaP Podcast 01 (MP4 format; 9.9 megs)

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