How to submit your work for publication or review

JANUARY 2017: We have made some big changes to our previous policy about accepting books for review. See this blog post for more on the reasons why. They now include…

–We do not accept Young Adult titles*, poetry or short-story collections for review.

–We do not accept books from independent publicists, only ones who are hired by and directly work for the publisher of that title. (We also happily accept review copies directly from authors.)

–And we do not guarantee that your book will be reviewed at the CCLaP website just because of being sent to us. We directly contact submitters again when their review is published online; if you haven’t heard from us by three months after submitting, you can assume that we took a pass on reviewing your particular book.

We have no formal automated system for accepting books for review; simply write to Jason Pettus at cclapcenter [at] to start the process. We’re happy to accept physical review copies, but please do consider saving yourself time and money by sending us an ebook instead. We accept Kindle/MOBI (preferred) and EPUB; please, no PDFs. We also belong to the ARC distribution services NetGalley, Edelweiss and BloggingForBooks, if one of them would be easier for you.

Submitting a manuscript to CCLaP’s publishing program

Our apologies, but CCLaP’s publishing program is closed for submissions until January 2018.

*”Young Adult” is defined by CCLaP as “any book whose cast of characters are primarily under the age of 18, and who deal with issues primarily confined to people who are under the age of 18.” Therefore we will often turn down books that aren’t being classified as “Young Adult” by the publisher, but that does fit our own definition of the term.