Book Review: Tacky Goblin, by T. Sean Steele
Tacky Goblin, by T. Sean Steele
Tacky Goblin
By T. Sean Steele
Curbside Splendor
Reviewed by Jason Pettus

It says a lot that in just the few weeks between finishing T. Sean Steele’s Tacky Goblin and sitting down to write this review, I had already forgotten nearly everything about it, and had to dig the book back out to remind myself even what it was about; as I’ve said here before many times, that unfortunately is just the nature of the bizarro genre in which Steele is writing here, which for those who don’t know is essentially the act of taking a cartoon and writing it out in literary form.

That certainly lets bizarro tales be “original, hilarious and inventive,” as author Joe Meno raves about this book in the dust jacket’s blurbs; but that also completely obliterates any sense of stakes a bizarro tale might have, with no one ever in danger or peril because you never know when a spaceship full of talking dogs might show up to save everyone, making it nearly impossible to give a damn about any of the characters, what happens to them, or what the ultimate resolution of the story may or may not turn out to be. Even with this attitude, though, for some reason I get sent bizarro novels literally on a weekly basis, so I suppose here I’ll sum up the way I always sum up with such books — not too bad, not too good, definitely clever, but a story you’ll forget literally a day after you finish it. Buyer beware.

Out of 10: 7.5

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