Book Review: “The Lycan Hunter” by Kelsey Jordan

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The Lycan Hunter, by Kelsey Jordan
The Lycan Hunter
By Kelsey Jordan
Booktrope Editions
Reviewed by Jason Pettus
When you review as many self-published and basement-press books as I do, one of the unfortunate side effects is coming across novels on a pretty regular basis that should’ve never graduated from the editing stage in the first place, and that got published into a full book merely because the technology exists to cheaply make it into a published full book, not because it warranted a general release to the public based on its condition; and unfortunately a good example of that is the book I just got done checking out this week, Kelsey Jordan’s The Lycan Hunter, which starts right off the bat with a ten-page prologue and beginning chapter that is so ludicrously overwrought and byzantine in its urban-fantasy mythology-building that I literally could not read any more of the book than that, so hopelessly lost I already was in its dozens of names, scores of races, and thousands of years of history it had already puked out by that point, all of it written so badly that I couldn’t stand the thought of going back through it again and trying to make more sense of it all. I’m refraining from giving the book an actual score today, because even I can recognize how unfair it is to score a book based on reading only its first ten pages; but you can take the fact that I couldn’t get past the first ten pages as a pretty clear sign anyway about whether you should read this or not. The very definition of why people roll their eyes when hearing the words “self-published erotic werewolf saga,” it takes a pretty indiscriminate genre fan to have any love for this kind of actively bad writing…although let’s face it, those people are probably out there, and are undoubtedly gearing up as we speak to write me an angry comment at about this review.
Out of 10: N/A
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