Your micro-review roundup: 30 April 2012
Today, short reviews of three recently read books: The so-so quirky literary piece "The Last Hiccup" by Christopher Meades; the so-so story/photography collaboration about pre-gentrified lower Manhattan, "East of Bowery" by Drew Hubner and Ted Barron; and the clever but so-so human interest drama pulling details from both "The Raven" and "The Great Gatsby," "The Great Lenore" by J.M. Tohline. Posted on by Jason Pettus 
CCLaP Rare: “The Robots of Dawn” (first edition), by Isaac Asimov
Today at CCLaP, a new listing in our rare-book selling service: A first-edition copy of Isaac Asimov's 1983 "The Robots of Dawn," the second book of his new tear of novels in the '80s that aimed to narratively and conceptually unify the "Robots," "Empire" and "Foundation" series from way back in the '50s. Click through for more, lots of photos, and to purchase it right this moment. Posted on by Jason Pettus 
It’s Lauryn Allison Lewis day at CCLaP!
It's Lauryn Allison Lewis day at CCLaP! And that's because today we're celebrating her new novella with the center, a dark and unsettling post-apocalyptic fairytale called "solo/down." Click through for a lot more, and to start the downloading/ordering process. Posted on by Jason Pettus 
Book Review: “Make It Stay,” by Joan Frank
Today's book: "Make It Stay" by Joan Frank, which reviewer Karl Wolff calls his favorite read so far of the year. The novel explores the lives of two couples in a small Northern California town as they encounter births, deaths, joys, and frustrations. Frank's highly polished literary prose is definitely worth your time. Posted on by Karl Wolff