Justify My Netflix: The Perfect Host
Today's movie: The darkly comic "The Perfect Host," sporting a great premise (bank robber on the lam accidentally hides out in the home of a serial killer) but that fails in many of its details, including a muddled ending and an overly hammy performance from David Hyde Pierce. Posted on by Jason Pettus 
The CCLaP 100: “A Confederacy of Dunces,” by John Kennedy Toole
Today in the "CCLaP 100" essay series on literary classics: It's John Kennedy Toole's brilliantly dark "anti-villain" tale "A Confederacy of Dunces," written in the 1960s but not published until the '80s, known as much for its fascinating real-life history as the absurdly comic tale of self-satisfied intellectuals and New Orleans back alleys that it tells. Classic or not? Click through for my opinion! Posted on by Jason Pettus 
Well, okay, it's not exactly infinite crisis time, but CCLaP is now officially calling up again its volunteer army of proofreaders, to help us get the coming original book "Have You Seen Me" by Katherine Scott Nelson into tip-top shape before publication in a few weeks. Click through to volunteer, soldier! Posted on by Jason Pettus 
Justify My Netflix: Party Monster
Today's movie: The mesmerizing 2003 "Party Monster," now finally out again on DVD, in which Macaulay Culkin plays the real-life '90s club promoter turned murderer Michael Alig, and Seth Green his former best friend James St. James, a surreal fairytale that I loved but that is bound to rub a lot of people the wrong way. Posted on by Jason Pettus