Justify My Netflix: Barney’s Version
Today's movie: The surprisingly dark "Barney's Version," a sleeper favorite in last year's awards season based on the well-loved 1997 novel by Mordecai Richler, which can essentially be described as "Forrest Gump" but with a slovenly Canadian Jewish unprincipled television producer in the lead. Posted on by Jason Pettus 
CCLaP Podcast 75: June/July Music Special
Today on the CCLaP Podcast: It's the June/July edition of the center's monthly music special, in which I look back at all the music I myself have been finding free legally online in the last month, and present the best back to you college-radio style. Today's special features twelve songs and lasts just under an hour. Posted on by Jason Pettus 
Your micro-review roundup: 22 July 2011
Today, a special quick micro-review roundup, looking at two books I recently had a chance to read: Patrick Wensink's masterfully funny 'Raising Arizona Meets Quantum Physics' bizarro novel "Black Hole Blues;" and John H. Sibley's truly fascinating sci-fi-meets-blaxploitation urban thriller "Bodyslick," which I believe will be winning a coveted CCLaP Guilty Pleasure Award at the end of the year. Posted on by Jason Pettus 
Justify My Netflix: Somewhere
Today's movie: Sofia Coppola's quietly brilliant and emotionally moving latest, "Somewhere," which is really about middle-aged divorced dads and what it means to have preteen children in their lives, even though this one in particular is a famous but aimless Hollywood star living at the Chateau Marmont while between homes. Highly recommended! Posted on by Jason Pettus 
Your micro-review roundup: 20 July 2011
Today, short reviews of three recently read books: William Trent Pancoast's fictionalized account of the troubled auto industry of the 1970s, "Wildcat;" the experimental prose/poetry project "Wore Down Trust" by Michael Blouin; and Kim Wright's utterly delightful "Love in Mid Air," a chick-lit novel which turned out to be one of my favorite reads of the year. No, seriously! Posted on by Jason Pettus 
The paper version of “Too Young to Fall Asleep” is here!
Happy day! The latest of CCLaP's special new "Hypermoden Editions," a series of high-quality, paper editions of all our electronic books, is now available; in this case it's Sally Weigel's youth/war novella "Too Young to Fall Asleep," originally published electronically in 2009. Click through for lots of photos and to order a copy right this moment! Posted on by Jason Pettus