It’s Jason Fisk Day at CCLaP!
Hooray! CCLaP's newest original book is finally here! It's the micro-story collection "Salt Creek Anthology" by local author Jason Fisk, and today the entire day has been given over to it here at the site, including a series of new essays, a "making of" photo essay regarding the paper book, a new interview with Fisk for the podcast, and more. Click through for links to them all. Posted on by Jason Pettus 
Metapost: Updates on CCLaP’s coming anthologies
CCLaP's summer intern Traci Kim drops us another line to let us know how things are going, and also what the status is on the anthology she's putting together for the center this summer; and speaking of which, the deadline is fast approaching on CCLaP's other anthology as well, "American Wasteland." Click through for lots more on both! Posted on by Jason Pettus 
CCLaP After Dark 07: QUICKIES!
Today in "CCLaP After Dark," the center's new video podcast series on the various live literary events I'm attending around Chicago this summer: it's a recap from the latest edition of "QUICKIES!," a popular monthly reading held at Wicker Park's Innertown Pub, in which a large group of performers each get exactly four minutes on stage. Click through for the video! Posted on by Jason Pettus 
Metapost: Sorry it’s been so quiet here this week
Sorry it's been so quiet at CCLaP this week; we're just a week away from the release of the center's newest original book, Jason Fisk's "Salt Creek Anthology," and the million final details are keeping me too busy for the blog. Anyway, click through for sneak-peek photos of it, and to learn more about the freelance book reviewers I'm looking to hire this year. Posted on by Jason Pettus 
Your micro-review roundup: Hugo Award 2011
Today, a special micro-review roundup, looking at all five nominees for this year's Hugo Award for best science-fiction novel, with unfortunately four of them being disappointments but last year's "The Dervish House" by Ian McDonald looking even more prescient and brilliant than ever. Click through for them all! Posted on by Jason Pettus