New to the Reading List: 29 April 2011
Today, short looks at the latest five additions to the center's unending to-read list, including nonfiction titles on the history of Britain and of Greek science being saved by Islamic scholars, two new intriguing novels, and an illustrated guide to throwing parties for five-year-old girls where they all get to dress up like fairy princesses. No, seriously. Posted on by Jason Pettus 
Jugs & Capes: “Blankets” by Craig Thompson
Maybe writing a memoir at thirty-five, there really isn't much more that's happened than that one intense romance, the enduring heartache of not having been a good enough big brother, the struggle with one's faith. But much better books were built on much less than that, so I don't think I can let it off the hook that easily. It's not a bad book, certainly, and I'd definitely read more of Craig's stuff later, but this one just didn't dazzle me like I'd hoped it would. Posted on by orianaleckert 
Justify My Netflix: Code 46
Today's movie: Michael Winterbottom's social-realist movie disguised as a science-fiction thriller, 2003's "Code 46," just as excellent as everything else this inventive British director has done. Thanks to author Mark R. Brand for convincing me to move this to the top of my queue at Netflix! Posted on by Jason Pettus 
Ladies and gentlemen, we have a paper book.
They're not for sale yet, but I at least wanted to end the week with the fantastic news that CCLaP's first paper book (and I mean literally the first copy), of Mark R. Brand's "Life After Sleep," is finally finished and busy drying in my apartment. Click through for a ton of photos, and more on the center's coming "Hypermodern Editions" series of collector-worthy but affordably-priced paper titles. Posted on by Jason Pettus 
New to the Reading List: 22 April 2011
Today, short looks at the newest five books to be added to the center's unending to-read list, including the latest by Myla Goldberg, the latest from Two Dollar Radio, a history of Mars-based literature, an anthology on time-traveling disasters, and a comedy about a dead slacker in a corporate-run Heaven. Posted on by Jason Pettus 
Justify My Netflix: In Bruges
Today's movie: The Tarantinoesque gangster caper "In Bruges," the talky film debut of Irish playwright Martin McDonagh that picked up a BAFTA and Golden Globe the year it came out, plus got nominated for an Oscar, despite being a goofy and violent genre pic. Posted on by Jason Pettus