Your micro-review roundup: 31 March 2011
Today, short reviews of three recently read books: the so-so Irish schooling tale "The Brothers' Lot" by Kevin Holohan; the pretty silly bizarro novella "Felix and the Sacred Thor" by James Steele; and the creepy and great "The Incident Report" by Martha Baillie, the latest from our friends at Pedlar Press. Posted on by Jason Pettus 
Justify My Netflix: The Warriors
Today's movie: Walter Hill's 1979 "The Warriors," a comic-book-style adaptation of an ancient Greek myth told through cartoonish street gangs amid crumbling '70s New York, a premise that sounds ridiculous but that still holds up surprisingly well as a mature, smart film even thirty years later. Posted on by Jason Pettus 
New to the Reading List: 25 March 2011
Today, a look at the latest four books to be added to CCLaP's never-ending to-read list, including a collection of images from Victorian illustrator John Everett Millais, a history of the modern museum concept, a comedic thriller about death-obsessed teens from MTV Books, and the latest steampunk actioner from our friends at Pyr. Posted on by Jason Pettus