CCLaP Podcast 42: Beat-Mix Electronica Special
Today on the podcast: It's a very special experiment, my first-ever beat-mix electronica music special since being a club DJ myself back in college, almost twenty years ago now. Done as a companion piece to an essay I posted on the same day, on the occasion of downloading my 500th free legal song online since opening the center. Posted on by Jason Pettus 
CCLaP Podcast 41: Monthly Music Special
Today on the podcast: It's the June edition of CCLaP's monthly music special, wherein I share the best of the music I myself have been downloading legally for free online in the last thirty days. Today's episode features 13 bands and lasts a little under 50 minutes. Posted on by Jason Pettus 
Algren at 100: Somebody in Boots
Today, part 1 of the special 14-part essay series I'm doing this summer, looking in detail at nearly the entire ouevre of controversial Chicago author Nelson Algren, on the occasion of his 100th birthday. Here, a look at his very first book, the 1935 communist apologia "Somebody in Boots." Posted on by Jason Pettus 
Your micro-review roundup: 15 June 2009
Today, a roundup of four recent books I didn't have much to say about: Kelly Simmons' "Standing Still," Gilbert Hernandez's "Palomar: The Heartbreak Soup Stories," Thomas Foster's "How to Read Novels Like a Professor," and Alvin Granowsky's "Teacher Accused." Posted on by Jason Pettus